Florida Division of Blind Services

The Florida Division of Blind Services helps people who are blind or visually impaired live independently and become employed if desired.

Services include:

  • Information, advocacy, and referral to agencies with appropriate services
  • Vocational evaluation and career counseling
  • Assessment and training in the use of software designed for persons with visual impairments so they can effectively use computers
  • Use of low-vision devices that may maximize the use of existing vision
  • Equipment needed for training or employment
  • Training to safely explore new environments and utilize public transportation
  • Training in self-care skills such as cooking, cleaning, measuring, and clothing identification
  • Employment readiness and job search training
  • Job placement assistance

For more information about the Vocational Rehabilitation Program, or to find the nearest office of the Division of Blind Services, visit The Division of Blind Services web site. or call toll-free