The Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice 2024

Yes, it’s coming to Edgewater, Florida!
The Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice 2024
Over the next several months, from March through November of 2024, the red, white, and blue flag-wrapped Caravan for Disability Freedom and Justice will be traversing the country, stopping in cities and towns along the way, many of which are important to disability history.
Along the 20,000-mile route each stop will connect with local disability-related organizations, at which the Caravan will collaborate with local hosts to share a message that encourages voter registration, raises awareness of current issues facing the disability community, and works to build a national coalition to address these issues.
Friday May 24th : 9am until 2pm
820 West Park Avenue Edgewater, FL 32168
If you have any questions or, are interested in being a vendor, or you’re an artist with a disability and would like to show your wares, please reach out to:
Carol Jones at (386) 478-6566