How To Vote independently

Whether you have a visual impairment, are blind, have Dyslexia,
a physical disability that makes it difficult to write, or find it difficult to read and/or write, there are alternate voting formats available.

Voting by Mail: Call the Volusia Department of Elections at ‎386-736-5930 or email to Request an Accessible Mail-in Ballot. Include your name as it appears on your voter registration, as well as your birthdate and email address. An email containing the link to your personal accessible ballot will be sent to you. Also, a vote by mail ballot packet will be mailed containing a voter’s certificate envelope with return postage-paid.
Once the link is opened, read all the instructions carefully. You may review and/or change choices at any time.

Upon completion, print the ballot. There is no internet copy of your vote. Discard the blank standard ballot included with the vote by mail packet; place the accessible ballot in the envelope provided. Sign the envelope by the raised dot. Mail; Drop in a Drop Box at early voting sites, during the hours of operation; or Deliver to the Elections Office in DeLand. All vote by mail ballots MUST be received at the Elections Office by 7:00 PM on election day.

Voting at the Polls: Request to use the ExpressVote Accessible Voting Machine. The ExpressVote combines paper-ballot voting with ATM-like touch-screen technology. You can vote by listening to the choices with headphones and making your selection on a keypad, or Touch your choice on the large print screen. You can change your vote before completing your ballot. Your vote is printed on a paper, which you place in the same tabulator as everyone else. If necessary, it can be hand counted. The ExpressVote is not limited to people with disabilities. Anyone may use it.


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